19ème édition du Concours Startup IMD

unnamedInscrivez-vous avant le lundi 14 novembre à www.imd.org/startups pour avoir l'opportunité de travailler avec une équipe d'étudiants du MBA ou EMBA de l'IMD en 2017. Jusqu'à 25 entreprises basées en Suisse seront choisies.

The MBA Startup Projects
15 companies will be chosen to work with the fulltime MBAs.  A team of 5 students will dedicate many man-hours between January and April 2017 to each venture to help formalize its business model and financing plans. 

The EMBA Startup Projects
Ten or more companies will have the chance to work with our EMBAs, who will help the firm improve its strategy and get it in front of VCs in California.  One person from the company will join us in Silicon Valley in September 2017.

Previous winners of our competition have done well.  In the recently announced Top 100 Swiss Startups, 31 were ventures that had worked with us, including the number one firm, L.E.S.S.!  Our entrepreneurial “alumni” include include Abionic, AC Immune (went public last week), Aeon Scientific, Bcomp, BioVersys, CashSentinel, CombaGroup, Comparis, Dacuda, Dahushaper, Doodle, Endosense (acquired by St.Jude), FaceShift (acquired by Apple), Flyability, GlycArt (acquired by Roche), HPL (sold to Dow), iTaste.com, Kooaba (acquired by Qualcomm), Lemoptix (acquired by Intel), Lunaphore, MindMaze ($100 mio investment earlier this year), NetGuardians, NEXThink, picoDrill (sold to Asahi Glass), Poken, QGel, Spotme, Uepaa, and Xeltis.  And many, many more.

Posté par Geneviève Morand
CEO - Rezonance
Formation : Licence en droit de l'université de Lausanne, Master in Public Administration de l'Idheap, Spécialisation en marketing SAWI et IMD. Parcours : 15 ans dans l'audiovisuel (cinéma, radio et télévision), 15 ans dans l'Internet, mon défi est de réussir les 20 ans de rezonance ... [lire la suite]
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