Business Learning Expedition : Is your organisation ready for the future?

Business Learning Expedition : Is your organisation ready for the future?

dimanche 16 septembre 2018 @ Genève

Finland 16th -19th September 2018

What is it?
We live in a world which is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA). Traditional business teaching does not prepare you for this. What can you do to make a difference? Instead of waiting for an expert to turn up and tell you how you should be running your organisation, why not come and discover what management and leadership of the future could look like for you?

Why Finland?
Because we don’t know of anywhere else in the world where we can connect you with so many diverse organisations who are challenging traditional business thinking and making a difference by adopting such a cost-effective solution.

Who is it for?
This expedition is only for people who are actively involved in the day-to-day running or management of organisations, commercial or otherwise. We’re looking for people who are prepared to think collectvely with others, their own people and about their future – oh, and you’ll be  wanting to make a difference… to DO something about it!

What’s the difference?
All of the businesses that you meet are building high-performing teams. Some have abandoned management hierarchies altogether in favour of more collaborative ways of working which is bringing impressive results. You’ll meet organisations who dare to think beyond what they know.

What will I gain?
Altitude; insight; reassurance; desire; the ability to dare to dream; freedom; agility; some grease for your creative wheels… new contacts and access to an innovative network of organisations who want to learn without constant reference to consultants and advisors….

What’s the secret?
The secret is how they do it. But we don’t want to tell you, we want you to experience a little knowledge spillover and see for yourself. We want them to show you. We’re not going to teach you anything, but we belive that you’ll really learn something.

In the companies we will visit :

Collaboration has improved by 81%

In-house problem solving increased by 88%

Learning capacity increased by 83%

Attention : ce voyage est organisé par, et, en Suisse, par Rezonance et la Team Academy de la HES-SO de Sierre. Des entrepreneurs, dirigeants et cadres suisses et anglais participent à ce voyage d’exploration. Avec une spécificité suisse : Pour toute personne qui décide de participer au voyage pendant ce week-end de jeûne fédéral, un étudiant de la Team Academy est invité à participer activement au voyage.

Prix et détail du voyage : sur demande en écrivant à avec mention en tête de votre courriel : Voyage en Finlande. Pas d'inscription en ligne.

Plus d’information : au 079 204 08 84

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